1988  AIF – COMFIL commenced manufacturing operations in an old converted pub in Nott St. Port Melbourne.
1990  We moved to a larger factory in Rings Rd, Moorabbin. Vic.
1991  Purchased the IP, stock and other interests of Filtercorp Mfg. (a small industrial and commercial water filtration business)
1993  Acquired our first ‘Rabo’ pleating machine with the purchase of ‘Eezy-Spot’ (specialist pleated wire mesh hydraulic and lubrication cartridge filter manufacturer)
1994  Moved into a larger factory at 25 Advantage Rd, Highett
1995  Purchase of the industrial section of J.B.Morgan / Aerospace (manufacturers of filters for industrial, aerospace and military.)
1996  Acquired the services of Mr. Peter Morgan as National Sales Manager. (former managing director, J.B.Morgan/Aerospace Filters)
1997  Purchased pool and spa filter cartridge manufacturing section from The Smith Family (including pleating machines, manufacturing and assembly systems)
1998  Purchased warehouse at 23 Advantage Rd.
2000  Purchase of All Filters Sales and Service (6 Gunya St. Regents Park, NSW)
2002  Purchased some stock and assets of N.V.E. (aviation fuel filtration)
2004  AIF – COMFIL acquired interests of South Australian company, EMS – Total Filtration (Est. 1946)